Bring all your loved ones together under one roof.

Spacious Living & Dining Area

Whether you’re sat down for dinner, or reading a book on the sofa the open-air design provides an ocean view from wherever you are.


A truly unique open-plan living and dining room leads onto a wooden deck and pool. From all areas you have striking views of the soft, golden beach in the distance, behind the infinity pool’s sharp blue edges. A beautiful handmade folding rattan screen separates the fan-cooled living area from the kitchen. When folded back, it opens the living area to the spacious, fully equipped kitchen.

The centrepiece, a five meter polished cement table built in situ, seats 14 people – illuminated by a custom made lamp. The table bridges the inside with the outside, with bar stools at the far end on the pool deck and extra tables and chairs available for bigger groups. At the back of the living area the bar is embedded in a marvellous teak wall. Under the black marble-topped counter, the wooden panels conceal cupboards,a wine cooler, and fridge.

The open design of the living area catches the breeze and guides it gently through the interior, keeping the tropical heat at bay, while ceiling fans provide an additional cooling airflow if needed. At night the whole area is secured by sliding glass doors.

The screen and freestanding stairway make up a patterned backdrop for the massive traditional teak sofas, lounge chairs, and bean bags. This is where you relax during the midday tropical heat and where families and friends get together for games and drinks in the evening, with the sound of the ocean as a soothing soundtrack.
Music can be streamed from smartphones or laptops to indoor and outdoor speakers. High speed internet is available and the TV/DVD player provides entertainment.