Swim with a view.

Infinity Pool & Deck Lounge

The stunning infinity pool and wooden deck is a standout feature at Talalla House.

Talalla_green_plan_ground (1)

With its contemporary shape and organic materials, the infinity pool and deck are designed to help guests unwind and dissolve the stress of modern life. When you swim the 20 meter pool you literally overlook Talalla Bay, framed by gorgeous greenery and the fragrant smells of the tropical garden. Below your feet, the turquoise tones from the handmade Bali tiles light up your path. A shallow, 30 cm deep pool section, ideal for young children with parents close by, is perfect for taking a much-needed cool dip.

Custom made umbrella-shaded loungers will keep you out of the midday sun, with the outdoor shower right next to you on the deck. When you need to move out of the heat and into the shade, the massive sofas under the cooling fans inside are the place to be. The sofa area overlooks the pool and deck, so you won’t miss a thing.

The pool area is often a hub of activity as it extends the entire length of the main house and blends into its interior. The exquisitely designed five meter table extends onto the deck, offering a unique space to lounge, for lazy lunches or star-lit barbecues with friends and family. The sun sets over the bay right in front of you, and it looks even better with a delicious cocktail in hand.

In the morning, the pool and deck are in the shade and a refreshing sea breeze keeps the area cool. It’s an ideal spot for breakfast.

There’s always shade to be found under the giant coconut trees, and if you prefer there are sun loungers, with umbrellas, scattered around the lawn. Talalla Beach starts where the garden ends, with magnificent waves breaking just in front of the house.

I loved the food and the pool. This place is lovely, I wish I could stay forever.
– Emma, 6 Years, from the UK

Quick Facts

• 20 meter Infinity pool (2.1 to 1 meter deep)
• Daily pool and garden care
• Outdoor shower on deck
• Kiddie pool section, 30 cm depth (doubles as the best beer pool on the island)
• 8 sun loungers with umbrellas
• 4 outdoor speakers
• Direct access from main living area
• Deck in light domba wood, keeping cool in the tropical sun
• Partly shaded

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